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2 OK 001 - Dean - Northern California State Flag of California Introduced to Citizen's Band in the early 1970's, Dean has several years of 11 meter and amateur radio service behind him.  Participating in DXCC contests has bagged him some 300 plus confirmed countries and several unique contacts where confirmations were not possible.  As a professional enginneering major, his years in the utility business has left him now retired to enjoy his hobby, his wife, his kids and the beautiful country side found in one of the last frontiers in California, the High Sierra's located some 400 kilometers N.E. of San Francisco. Together with Andy the dream of building a successful international dx group has become a reality.

26 OK 001 - Andy - United Kingdom Andy is 37 years young living in Scunthorpe, England which can be found up in the N.E. corner of the Country.  Married and a father of 5, he has not only been busy in the shack but also in the mobile running the many errands a father is expected to do when kids grow and participate in the many functions they must to develop into fine young men and women.  The princess, his wife kissed the toad and now Andy has the ability to utilize his magnificant talents, creating graphics, logbooks, contests, radios, antenna's and anything related to radio service.  Andy like Dean both have a passion for people, making sure they are treated with dignity, respect, and above all else courtesy insuring that each and every person he meets remembers him for the person he really is.



Oscar Kilo Dx Group is the premier organization developed by 27 Mhz operators for 11 meter operators with a single goal in mind.  To form  the nucleus for an outstanding and progressive organization that is positioning itself to be a leader during the peak of the next 11 meter propagation cycle.

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