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Oscar Kilo International Dx Group - UK


President & Co-Founder

  •  26 OK 001 - Andy - President/Co-Founder
  • Andy lives in the United Kingdom and is easily seen as the man who brought the organization as we see it today to life.  Experienced in all facets of this hobby, not only does he manage many of the day to day operations of the group, but is an avid Dx chaser also.


President & Co-Founder

  • Dean - 2 OK 001 - President/Co-founder
  • Dean is located in the far North half of the State of California some 400 kilometers NE of San Francisco.  Involved in Radio's since the late 1960's, Dean has seen a tremedous evolution in the hobby and the industry.  Dean gathered his technical skills for the internet as an Engineering Manager for a Major Gas & Electric Utility before retiring late last year.  A father of 6, Dean has a beautiful wife and everything a person could wish for.  To experience the formation of this organization and the opportunity to meet new people and friends across the world, welcoming them into his home via
    the internet has been a very exciting opportunity for him.


Director of Qsl Affairs

  • 172 OK 101 - Jean Philippe - Qsl Manager
  • Found in the South Pacific, a few hundred kilometers from the Country of Australia lies the Country of New Calendonia.  As one would think this truly is "Paradise".  J.P. is the third member of the OK Dx Team and has earned the title "Director of Qsl Affairs". If you have not worked this country yet, he is waiting for your call.

Jean Philippe

Director of Internet Affairs/European Webmaster

  • Rolle - 21 OK 001
  • Rolle lives in the Southern half of Sweden.  An experienced Radio operator and one with superior web designing skills, Oscar Kilo Dx Group is fortunate to have his talents on board. He has earned the title of "Director of Internet Affairs" for the Organization, having prior experience in this line of work, personally responsible for the success of their websites.



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