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Download Special Eqso file

Download EQso and Join the "USA" Room

Ultimate Antenna Guide - Design, construct, purchase

 If it isn't in the zone, it does exist on Amateur or Cb Radio

A useful radio link

 A good Radio Site

Qsl Manager Link - Great Stuff

 QSL Systems, Contest  and DX Aids

Free Web Hosting from Yahoo with Site Builder 

DX Lab - Better Dx'ing thru software

An 863 MB source of information and pictures of radios, accessories and more - ham radio on the net

Radio Society of Great Britian

Greenwichmeantime, Universal Coordinated Time, The mother of all times

A global network of remotely controlled shortwave and VHF/UHF receivers

time and - coordinate your time zone with another around the world

101 - Amateur Radio - Just when you thought their couldn't be a more useful link...he is another

currency converter - international - What is your money worth?

 Great Yarmouth Radio Club

172 OK 101 - Magic Team Member and Director of Qsl Affairs

Bravo Sierra Tango International Dx Group

Bravo Sierra Tango - California - 2BST005

LZ1YE qsl printing & management svcs

OK DX United Kingdom

PC Registry Cleaner - Best On the Net

Premium Organization for Professional Operators - Best In Northern Europe

Take a Survey and Earn Money

Get A Free Firewall and Protect Your Computer



Delta XRay

Images From Red Nova


Panda ActiveScan - Free Online Virus Check

Tune In the World From Your Desktop

172 Division - New Calendonia

No More Song and Dancing at OK DX

Cluster Information in Real Time

Live aurora webcast from Alaska


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San Jose Sharks - National Hockey League

Official Qsl Card Printer For OK Dx Group




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