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  •  1st place    Ticket number   23      Mr Clive   26 OK 020
  • 2nd place   Ticket number  100     Mr Volker  13 OK 002
  • 3 rd place   Ticket number  122     Mr Dean   2 OK 001


2004 Xmas Raffle by Oscar Kilo Dx Group

As this will be our  1st Christmas, we thought it would be nice to offer our members something a little different, the "Magic Team" would like to announce the Oscar KiloChristmas raffle! Please give me a moment of your time to explain how this works.All members that wish to take part purchase a raffle ticket, this ticket has a number on the front side, & your call sign on the rear. Hq has a copy, which will be placed in a large hat. Along with all the other tickets sold,. £1.  Pr ticket.  $2  E2 Then on December 1 St 2004 live in our chat room we will pick 3 tickets from the hat…If your number is 1 of those 3 drawn...then you will have won 1 of the prizes on offer…1st prize is a real smart .DVD . CD Player..  Please look at the photos. 2nd price Oscar Kilo Dx T-shirt & Log Book, 3 rd prize 50 Club Qsl Cards. If you need any more info please email me  Or if you wish to view the prize just im me on msn.. & add me to your list. I would be pleased to meet you & show you the prizes on cam.. No prollem and thankyou for your time!!!

Good luck to all that take part…Kindest regards

Hq Team

Andy,Rolle,Dean,Jean Philippe

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