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Oscar Kilo Dx Group provides members who in their pursuit of Dx achievement and excellence seek formal club recognition for their efforts.  OK DX has several levels of Awards from IOTA to DXCC awards.  Simple yet realistic requirements are necessary and must be approved by their HQ of choice, UK or USA and can be done when ever the minimum number of countries/islands are met for each category.

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Island Radio Expedition Foundation Islands on the Air


Best 50 Contacts


      • Worked all Zones
      • Worked all States *USA*
      • Worked all Provinces *Canada                             
      • Worked All North America
      • Worked All South America
      • Worked All Africa
      • Worked All Europe
      • Worked All Australia

      IOTA (WAZ - 7 Zones)  - Stellar Award

      • 50   Countries
      • 100 Countries
      • 150 Countries
      • 200 Countries plus

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Stamp of Approval

Stamp of Approval

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The Application Must be Completed and forwarded to HQ for verification

Logs and/or copies of Qsl Cards may be required

Oscar Kilo USA HQ - Send Request for Award Certificates

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I want to apply for a DXCC Award: I want to apply for a IOTA Award:

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Qsl'sOK BasicsAwards Plus