OK Basics
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OK Basics 
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 Northern Lights in Oslo

Northern Lights in Oslo

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Oscar Kilo Courtesy


It is not allowable for any member of Oscar Kilo *OK* to not make contact with another OK or non-OK member for any reason, unless the other operator is not being or practicing good ethics or manner.  A member of OK Dx is considered one that has been issued a verified call sign via the "HQ or Magic Team" and so noted.  This practice should be consistent in what ever mode of communication is being used whether it be RF, Internet, or other means.

Qsl Cards


To insure consistency and quality, members who design, print, distribute and use qsl cards with any item on them representing or intending to represent OK Dx should first be approved by the "Magic Team".  The card may be considered as valid, if, after 30 days from the date in which it was emailed or sent to the OK Dx Hq no response is received.

Islands in Rivers and Lakes are not towards any awards granted by Oscar Kilo Dx such as IOTA or others when available. Dx'expeditions and SES's may and are encouraged to be self supporting, if sponsorship is desired, then perhaps the individual member should reconsider the expedition.  All members should be self supporting.  However, the use of Qsl managers and the need to distribute large volumes of cards if so desired because of location, rare or most wanted location, consideration of accepting donations of up to $1 IRC is acceptable to cover the costs of such activities.  This should be communicated up front to insure that the "HQ" is aware of this event and the use of such a practice so that if such an event is advertised via the World Wide Web this can be explained in the necessary detail.

When an individual member enters into an "Activation or Dx'pedition" or similar event, it is assumed that the event participant will understand and follow these standard guidelines.

  • OK Dx and it's members will not sponsor or financially contribute to an event's success, it is assumed that the member will incur all such costs so that the event is self supporting.
  • The member shall request from the MagicTeam or the HQ no less than 90 days prior to the start of the event an official request to use the OK Dx Qslm system.
  • Costs for printing of special event cards, mailing of confirmation cards by qslm for event, costs to mail the confirmation cards to the qslm, and any costs to get the cards from the HQ to the event participant.
  • Allow 90 days minimum advance for the HQ to print special event cards.
  • Special Event Cards not already designed may incur additional setup charges.
  • Any cards, letters, material bearing Official OK Dx signatures must have prior OK Dx Hq or Magic Team approval first.

Black List


The Official Black List is maintained and managed by the "Magic Team".  Officially, this list is compilied if a station does not reply with a confirmation of a Qso when a member demonstrates that a contact has been made and this station has not returned a courtesy confirmation within 180 days.  A reminder must be sent that gives the details of such a Qso.  This must also be provided to the "HQ" or any member of the "Magic Team" before any such actions will be deemed appropriate.  From time to time such list will be made available for members of the OK DX group and others if so desired.



All contests and activations associated with OK DX must first have approval of the Oscar Kilo Magic Team.  These then shall be considered sanctioned events and subject to the specific event/activation rules provided at the time of the particular contest.  Awards, certificates and prizes may be given based on scores or certain methodologies as determined by the "Magic Team".  Special Event Qsl Cards may be used as long as they conform to the qsl card practices discussed in the card article.  Frequencies, dates, times and user specific details will also be provided.


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